Responses to Danny Simmons "Why Entity Framework" post

I’m definitely interested in what people have to say about Danny’s post so I have subscribed to the Bloglines citations of it:


Don’t forget the comment thread in Danny’s post as well.

Not surprisingly, the folks who have already made it clear that EF is way too data-centric for them are up in arms and there are some very interesting discussions in their blogs (as well as the comment threads).

I’m not sure if I would compare the investment I am making in understanding how EF works and writing a whole book to share what I’ve learned to being brainwashed by a "shiny brochure on your desk". Nor do I feel like a "cheerleader" or "parrot". But… whatever… (lame response? Yep! But it’s all I have time (or patience) for).

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2 thoughts on “Responses to Danny Simmons "Why Entity Framework" post

  1. The presence of a book on the market acts as a validation of the technology to the market.If you’re really writing this book as an academic exercise in understanding a technology that you have no particular affinity to, it would be valuable to your readers that this statement is made loud and clear so that the result of the exercise isn’t taken as an endorsement of the Entity Framework backed by the weight of your visibility in the community.To me personally, this reasoning sounds like a bit of a cop out.Teaching workshops on the technology doesn’t really read as if your stated intentions here are aligned with your actions.

  2. Oh c’mon Scott. You’re making a pretty big leap here. We’ve been friends for five years. YOu know I’m not a debater. I don’t see this as an us versus them issue the way you guys do. I’m not interested in getting into it with you.

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