Variety of EF talks by different folks around the world

I mentioned a few days ago that Matthieu Mezil will be presenting on Entity Framework at TechDays 2008 in Paris next week.

There are more at this conference!

  • LINQ & Entity Framework: Fabrice Marguerie & Sebastien Ros
  • ADO.NET Data Service: Mitsu FUruta & Pierre Lagarde
  • There are also a bunch of LINQ talks – too many to list, in fact!

And there are more EF talks upcoming at other conferences as well!  (Including my own, of course ;-))

DevWeek in London March 10-14:
 “Understanding the ADO.NET Entity Framework” (Mike Taulty)
 “Patterns of use with the new Entity Framework” (James Winters)
This looks like a great conference filled with a huge list of rock star speakers, although, oddly, it’s all men. I wonder if that will impact female attendance (either positively, thanks to all those good looking, brainy guys or negatively, if they are afraid they will feel out of place.)

There don’t seem to be any EF talks at VSLive for San Francisco or Orlando. Too bad.

Developer Summit 2008 April 9-11 in Stockholm
   Full Day Workshop on Entity Framework (by me 🙂 Yay, I get to go to Sweden!)
   ADO.NET Data Services (by WCF & Web Services guru: Christian Weyer)
   Advanced Entity Framework: EDM in the Enterprise (by me)

DevConnections (April 20 – 23 Orlando) has a whole Data Access track now!
   Full Day Workshop on Entity Framework (by me) on April 20th
   During the conference Proper:
   On Microsoft Day, 2 EF sessions, an Astoria Session and a guidance session on choosing from the myriad data access tools
  On the third party days, 2 EF sessions by John Papa, 1 by me and 1 by Kathleen Dollard (and additional ADO.NET sessions as well!). I’ll also be doing a session on ADO.NET Data Services in the ASP Connections track.

DevTeach (May 12-15 Toronto)
   Intro to Entity Framework (Barry Gervin)
   An Advanced EF session and a data access guidance session by me

If you know of any others, send me a note and I’ll list it!

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