Video of My .NET on a Mac Demo at DotNetFringe

Last week at the awesome DotNetFringe conference in Portland, Oregon, I did a 30 minute demo of building an ASP.NET Web API with Entity Framework using Visual Studio Code on my lovely MacBookPro. So it’s .NET on a mac (coding, debugging and running). It is *that* cross platform.

I also talked about some of the features of ASPNetCore and EFCore. I used other cross platform stuff like JetBrains’ DataGrip IDE for interacting with numerous databases on numerous platforms, PostgreSQL database, xunit for testing and more!

It was a boatload of fun and it’s on YouTube:

The solution I showed in the demo is in my github repository: julielerman/EFCore-ASPNetCore-WebAPI-RTM

5 thoughts on “Video of My .NET on a Mac Demo at DotNetFringe

  1. I’ve been a .NET web developer for several years now and I’ve always appreciated your insights, thoughts, and teaching. I’ve followed your recent forays into cross-platform development and been particularly inspired by your willingness to move out your comfort zone and talk about your struggles.
    I just started an incredible new job today with the opportunity to broaden my skills in a new dev environment. I’ll be developing microservices in Java with a React front-end. I’ve never worked in Java and only just learned React. But the part that I’m most concerned about: we’ll be working on Mac and Linux machines! (Windows has always been my home.) I’m tremendously excited about the opportunities for learning but a little overwhelmed too.
    Do you have any advice from your experiences?

    1. Hi Michael,
      I sat with the macbook in my lap every night while watching t.v. with my hubs and did things like twitter, email , messing around with apps. This just gave me hands on time with it to start getting used to things and to discover the mystery “right click” (two finger tap). I also kept a text file where I would write down things I was learning …shortcuts, bash commands, etc …just to locko them in my brain a little better. I do go back and forth with the macbook and my windows laptop and my desktop (also windows) so I’m pretty fluid. I still have to google bash things a LOT! 🙂 HTH

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