Video of My .NET on a Mac Demo at DotNetFringe

Last week at the awesome DotNetFringe conference in Portland, Oregon, I did a 30 minute demo of building an ASP.NET Web API with Entity Framework using Visual Studio Code on my lovely MacBookPro. So it’s .NET on a mac (coding, debugging and running). It is *that* cross platform.

I also talked about some of the features of ASPNetCore and EFCore. I used other cross platform stuff like JetBrains’ DataGrip IDE for interacting with numerous databases on numerous platforms, PostgreSQL database, xunit for testing and more!

It was a boatload of fun and it’s on YouTube:

The solution I showed in the demo is in my github repository: julielerman/EFCore-ASPNetCore-WebAPI-RTM

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6 thoughts on “Video of My .NET on a Mac Demo at DotNetFringe

  1. I’ve been a .NET web developer for several years now and I’ve always appreciated your insights, thoughts, and teaching. I’ve followed your recent forays into cross-platform development and been particularly inspired by your willingness to move out your comfort zone and talk about your struggles.
    I just started an incredible new job today with the opportunity to broaden my skills in a new dev environment. I’ll be developing microservices in Java with a React front-end. I’ve never worked in Java and only just learned React. But the part that I’m most concerned about: we’ll be working on Mac and Linux machines! (Windows has always been my home.) I’m tremendously excited about the opportunities for learning but a little overwhelmed too.
    Do you have any advice from your experiences?

    1. Hi Michael,
      I sat with the macbook in my lap every night while watching t.v. with my hubs and did things like twitter, email , messing around with apps. This just gave me hands on time with it to start getting used to things and to discover the mystery “right click” (two finger tap). I also kept a text file where I would write down things I was learning …shortcuts, bash commands, etc …just to locko them in my brain a little better. I do go back and forth with the macbook and my windows laptop and my desktop (also windows) so I’m pretty fluid. I still have to google bash things a LOT! 🙂 HTH

      1. Thanks Julie! I really appreciate your advice. In the past few months I’ve become much more comfortable in Mac and Linux. (To my surprise, I’ve come to really enjoy the Mac trackpad and aforementioned “two-finger” click.) Like you, I still spend a decent amount of time in Windows; all our home computers are Windows machines. The transition between `control` and `command` keys was jarring for a while but I think that I’ve got it down. I’ve found things about each OS that I enjoy and each has enhanced the way I use the others. I’ve found the experience so enlightening that I’ve actually submitted a conference talk titled “The Stack Switcher’s Tale: Learning on the Fly”. Hoping that it gets accepted!

        PS: Sorry that it took me a while to respond. I checked for a reply for about a week and then didn’t notice your response until now.

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