Video Pick from Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 Course

Here is a 6 minute preview from my new Pluralsight course, Getting Started with Entity Framework 5.


The course is about 4.5 hours long and I’ve written a small “guide” to it in this blog post: Getting Started with EF5 – New Course on Pluralsight so that you can decide if the course is for you or not. But I think it’s for everyone!! 🙂

Or you can go right to the course here:

Or you can watch one of my 9 other Entity Framework courses on Pluralsight! 🙂

I’ve still got a short stack of 30 day trial cards for Pluralsight if you need one but you have to promise to use it to watch my courses! 🙂 (And any of the other awesome courses you can find there as well.) Send a message to me through my contact form and I can shoot you the code.

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7 thoughts on “Video Pick from Getting Started with Entity Framework 5 Course

  1. This is really a great find for me. And, having had a hearing impairment since I was 35, I’m happy to find it was done in closed captions. Kudos!

  2. Great video! We are migrating all of our EF efforts into v5, and learning the new features via PluralSite. I saw a post a few years ago about the differences between L2SQL and EF, and one of the differences was that the 3-tiered nature of EF is flexible, allowing the data store layer to have more than 1 database. Has DbContext made this easier? I have never successfully been able to use more than one database (not talking about SQL and Oracle, just 2 different SQL databases) in the context. Is it possible to do this now? Thanks

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