Writing about EF with no limits

When I wrote my Intro to ADO.NET Entity Framework article for CoDe Magazine last year, I was told I had to keep it under 5000 words. That was painful. There was so much I left had to leave out that I still thought was part of an intro. I have had to get the hook quite a few times when presenting on EF. I have so much I want to share.

Now that I’m writing a book, nobody is telling me that I have to squeeze all of my thoughts into a little box and I can write and write whatever I want.

I knew this was ready to spill out of me. I already have 100 pages. Who knew!

It won’t all come so easily, and some of those 100 pages didn’t since I was forced to look carefully at things I have glazed over previously. But I am enjoying this part of the process while it lasts!

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One thought on “Writing about EF with no limits

  1. Well Julie…I hope the book goes along very well, because I’m actually very anxious to read it :)The more Entity Framework examples we get, the better !!

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