Another Conference Speaking Engagement

Just got word that I will be speaking at DevTeach again in 2004 (Montreal, June 19-22). This is a great conference and Rob Howard and Scott Guthrie will be doing the keynote. It is only a 2 hour drive from home, so I like that a lot too. Montreal is beautiful. The conference is very inexpensive even before you convert to US$ and it is partially over the weekend so that it doesn’t conflict with work. Definitely check this one out!

I will be doing the “What’s new in Whidbey Base Class Library” talk that I am slated to do in February in Boston at EdgeEast 2004 as well as a talk on tablet pc development. The tablet talk will not be about how to manipulate ink, but about the many design and implementation considerations that need to be taken into account that are very different than anything we have done before. I have been through this process in working with a corporate data entry application that will be used on Tablets. YOu can find a lot of posts about that here as well as a really nice summary of them by Peter Rysavy (TabulaPC) here.

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