Working with the Blogging APIs from .NET

Holy moly! That was hard work. I have never spent any time with the blogging APIs (blogger and metaweblog) and needed to at least push a post out from BLInk!. I wanted to make sure I could do this against dasBlog and dotText (from which so many blog sites are now derived). With help from :

I was able to scrap together some functioning code (in C# no less!!!!!) to successfully post test posts to both my dasBlog blog and my dotText blog.

Now I have to take those tests, tighten them up (eg: passwords, urls, etc are currently hardcoded) and wrap them into BLInk!.

My intention is not to build a full-fledged blogging tool (get posts, edit posts, etc) because the real purpose was to work out some concepts for blogging with ink. But I think pushing up a post that is created in ink is pretty necessary. From there, the user can go into there regular interface to edit, etc.

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