Beta Service Packs for VS1.0 and VS1.1

I’ve been seeing on many blogs that there are beta versions of the upcoming Visual Studio.NET 1.0 and 1.1 Service Packs. I’m so filled up with betas that I think I will…well…maybe I can put it on my tablet that already has XP SP1 RC2 on it. Oh gawd – here we go again! My guess is that these are the service packs to make Visual Studio work with XP Service Pack 2 since it will be locking a lot of things down and create some possible breaking changes. That’s the thing we need to be focused on. You can read about what to expect and how to plan ahead for that here.

Just in case this is all confusing, these are not service packs for the whidbey beta, but beta service packs for the current version(s) of Visual Studio! 🙂

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