.NET Programmer Job in Waitsfield VT

This is like a dream come true. You can be a programmer, do very cool work and live in one of the coolest towns in Vermont. I live on the other side of the mountain from Waitsfield and it was definitely one of our options for towns to live in. It is right by Mad River Glen (which you may have seen me write about just a few times in the past…) and also Sugarbush.

And the job description is awesome. Boy, if I were looking for work, I’d be on this job like glue. 20 minutes from my house. All of the type of things I love to do. Take the job. I’ll come have lunch with you once in a while!

The Company: Controlled Energy , Waitsfield, VT

The JOB: http://www.controlledenergy.com/html/info/waitsfield_job3.html

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