Don Kiely coming to Vermont.NET next week!! From Alaska!!

Lucky me, lucky Vermont .Netters!

Don Kiely is flying from Anchorage Fairbanks, Alaska on Friday to come for a visit. He’ll be here for about five days. The excuse for the trip is built around the fact that he is speaking at Vermont.NET on Monday night (July 12th) on Building Applications with Least Privilege. A topic I am psyched about and have a little experience in since I am now running as a non-admin on my computer!!

Don gets to go to a dog show while he’s here (he loves dogs so that will be fun) and I plan to take him kayaking in a few special places. Though he mostly white water kayaks, he will see no rapids here (it’s way past that season) but maybe we’ll get some of those great 3 foot waves out on the lake. We will definitely take him paddling out on the incredible Lake Champlain. Lake Champlain is 120 miles long and 10 miles wide with about 500+ miles of shore line – so it’s like a small ocean. The other is a very special place, now a state park, called Green River Reservoir. It is a place where no motored boats of any kind can be. So it is canoes, kayaks and some small campgrounds scattered around the shore that you can only get to by boat. It is also a wildlife retreat.

I was able to get meeting sponsorship (i.e. paying for pizza & soda) from Red-Gate who makes SQLTools and Ants for load testing and profiling. Since this will be a joint meeting with VTSQL, we’ll get a good demo from that user group leader (Ed Hall) who uses SQLTools a lot where he works (Vermont Dept. of Health).

We have so much swag for this meeting too, thanks in part to the INETA Spring Thaw and piles of ASPNetPro and CODE magazine as well! Hopefully we’ll get a great turnout, which is sometimes difficult in the summer months.

So mostly I’m looking forward to Don’s visit and an excuse to play hookey for a bit and go paddling! Then after he leaves I’m on my way to Redmond for about a week and bringing Rich with me, too, this time.

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