ECHO ECho echo: VS2005 Beta and Express Betas and SQL 2005 Beta 2

Though the cat got out of the bag a little early, the betas just launched! And a beautiful new MSDN developer center to go with them.

VS2005 Beta 1 (released June 29th)
How to get it MSDN Subscribers will be the first to receive Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1, which will be available for subscriber download within just a few days. MSDN Subscribers will also receive Beta 1 in their next MSDN shipments. Within a few weeks, non-subscribers will also be able to order a copy of Beta 1 for a nominal fulfillment fee.

Express Products (Beta)
VB Express, C# Express, Visual C++ Express, Visual J# Express, Visual Web Developer Express and SQL 2005 Express!

SQL 2005 Beta 2
hmmm – maybe they didn’t announce it yet – still looking…

Congrats to all at MS, including MSDN,  for so many launches!

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