Remedial VS: Learning to drag & drop in Visual Studio

I am a die-hard NO WAY JOSE kinda girl when it comes using the visual data wizards for my apps. No for connections, data sets or anything. I like to write my own data access thank you very much and then hook everything up at run time. However, I got really stuck because not only do I not use them , I don’t  even know *how* to use them. I have let all of those demos slip out of my head to make room for things I need. But I got bit when I wanted to design an Infragistics UltraWinGrid at design time due to the fact that my datasource was somewhat complex and it is nice to see what I’m doing. I had a nice little typed dataset class that I created and wanted to assign it to the datasource at design time. Something I have never done! But the class was not available in the drop-down for the DataSource property of the grid. Finally I figured out to drag a “dataset” from the toolbar onto my form and that’s where I was able to select my dataset class.

I have to say, it was pretty handy! I wonder if it’s time for some remedial VS training… 🙂

I’m laughing because I’m thinking of Sam Gentile and his disdain for all things drag & drop – but Sam, I just had no way around it this time!

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