Learning new tricks with CAS

I’m working on my deck for doing ink on the web for ASP.NET Connections. I wanted to be able to explain why the SDK 1.7 controls now enable this to work – which is all about the fact that the Tablet Team has modified the API to make the the InkPicture and InkEdit controls as well as the InkOverlay object work under partial trust. Having to explain it, once again, means having to understand it well enough to explain it, not just take that leap of faith.

So I FINALLY grok what is going on here! A big light just turned on. You know the difference between “uh huh” and “oooooooooooooooh!” (that’s a long “o” like DOUGH, not like “foo”) when you are trying to explain something to someone.

Although I grokked CAS on the machine – I hadn’t done any code download via using windows controls in web apps. And if you follow my blog you may know that I have been a big failure when it has come to my many attempts over the last few years to leverage no touch deployment and auto-updating (turns out my application architecture was way too complex for this).

If I had acquired this understanding earlier, I wouldn’t have hit so many walls when I was trying to deploy my doodling app a few weeks ago. I didn’t have the knowledge to give me the red flags that I was doing something incorrectly and I didn’t have the knowledge to understand why it didn’t work when I deployed it. Hmm, I may have gotten a few more points on my security test, too. I understood “does & doesn’t work” but I never really understood why! I can’t imagine how many people are out there in the same boat.

I might have to do a Julie version of this topic soon.

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