Program FOR Tablets? Program ON a Tablet?

Loren Heiny, who is a developer first and a tablet pc (MVP and) expert second (that ranking is my own personal opinion), (and even an author) — spent some time using his new Toshiba M200 as a development machine to answer the question many developers have asked  – “but can I use a tablet as my development box?”

I can tell you that as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little Acer C110, that would be impossible with the tiny little screen and the tiny little resolution. There is, however, a chance of an M200 in my near future, but I wish I could keep my Acer for travelling (when I don’t have to do any programming).

However, Loren was surprised that his experiment resulted in him wanting to use the tablet full time as his dev box. His post discusses the many pros and cons, keyboarding, inking, landscape, portrait, etc…. click here for the details!!!

[BTW – he says he is using Visual Studio and I wanted to point out that it is, of course, VS.NET, oh unless he’s talking about Visual Studio 2005 Technical Developer mid-March Preview or whatever that really long name that seems to include every word in the dictionary except for .NET]

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