VTdotNET Holiday 06 Party

The VTdotNET Holiday potluck party was at my house in the boonies last night. Someday I will learn how to use my camera but flash photos never come out right. Nevertheless, here are a few. Note the [not yet decorated] tree with all of the GEEKY gifts underneath. We got a pile of books from WROX and I also put lots of other books I’ve had around for a while and a pile of t-shirts. I noticed there was competition for two items under the tree. One was WROX’s gazillion page ASP.NET 2.0 Pro book and the other a particular hilarious but slightly naughty bright orange t-shirt from telerik.

Here’s Laura & Neal Blood of Blue Note Computing and Bob LoCicero of Inside Edge Software. In addition to attending almost every VTdotNET meeting since its inception, Laura co-runs the VTSQL user group along with Roman Rehak. Dave Burke brought his accordian and regaled us with the unique sounds of accordian style christmas songs. The bottom pic is Neal Blood again with Carl Lorentson of Rennaisance Info Systems (Carl also serves on the VTSDA board with me) and Rob Hale (well, his back) and Dave Friedman, both from GE Healthcare, talking with Chris DeGuise, co-founder of Pragmatic Technologies. Tasha and Daisy laid on the floor near the table and waited for any food that might get accidentally dropped on the floor. My smart doggies!


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