Tasha the THIRTEEN year old Newfie!

Tasha turned 13 years old last week. This is a pretty significant milestone for a Newfoundland. Because of their large size, they don’t have a long life expectancy. Tasha is getting acupuncture and lots of love and short strolls. Her weight is as low as we dare get her, but this puts so much LESS stress on her legs and her organs. So this has been another attribute that has helped. She does have a hard time getting up but manages. She’s pretty darned happy and as far as I can tell, her secret to long life is “as long as there is food on the planet….”.

Not to discount Daisy, who will be 12 in January. Daisy is in amazing shape and can still run around. Her only obvious sign of age is her beautiful grey eyelashes and her worn down teeth.

Here’s a pic of the girls I took a few months ago. Daisy (aka Daisy Dog) is on the left and Tasha (aka Boo Boo Bear) is on the right.

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