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I was perusing Chris Williams’ blog over on GeekswithBlogs.Net. I met Chris many years ago through INETA and in person at an INETA User Group Leader event. Chris ran the user group in Charleston, South Carolina and has since moved to Minnesota where he has survived his first winter with all of his fingers and toes intact. He is a really nice, unique and memorable guy (okay the tat’s definitely help him stand out).

While looking at his blog, I saw a post of photos from a funny ad that apparentlyly reminded Chris of D’Arcy Lussier, a a wild and crazy guy (also a GeekswithBlogs blogger) who lives in Winnipeg (where I think you need to be a little wild and crazy to survive), and probably laughs at Chris’ mumblings about the cold weather in Minnesota. D’Arcy also is a user group leader and I see him frequently at the DevTeach events in Montreal and look forward to seeing him at DevTeach next week in Toronto where I plan to goad him into a his own Meatloaf imitation. (I didn’t realize that the dad in the commercial really is Meatloaf!)

What struck me when I saw the photos and Chris’ comments about them was that here are two guys who have a lot in common and are clearly good friends who may never have met if it weren’t for INETA and the .NET blogging community. I know it may seem obvious that of course they would find each other, but it’s not a given. These resources were only just starting up 6 years ago, so they are relatively new.

It really made me stop and think when I saw that blog post and made me happy and very proud of the community that we have all created.

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3 thoughts on “Our .NET Community

  1. Julie, appreciate your blog and everything around it, but you REALLY need to change the hyperlinks’ font colors. It’s so hard on the eye I often ALT+TAB away from your page after reading 3 words, because I can’t tell what are links and what not. And a blog without links (as I sometimes think you’ve got, before I tune in) is not a blog most people would like to read.Keep it all up.

  2. Done! Thanks Pete. I definitely appreciate that you pointed this out. The orange is VERY obvious, but maybe a little much? 🙂

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