PDC Day Four

Often, the last day of a conference is a real downer – the expo hall is gone, people have already started leaving. But for me and many, the conference was still in full swing. I had two must-see sessions to attend in the morning. The first was by WSE P.M. Mark Fussell on interoping Indigo and WSE 3.0 messages. The second was a 400 level session by ADO.NET P.M. Pablo Castro on Advanced Data Access Patterns in ADO.NET 2.0.

As the previous day’s first session was 10am I had it in my head that the Mark’s talk was at 10am, so I was really frustrated at 9:30am when I was still packing up my things in the hotel room to realize that his talk started at 8:30. Uggh. Luckily I was able to catch up with Mark later who [read more…]

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