Re-watching Mark Fussell on WSE 3.0

Although I missed Mark’s talk at PDC last Friday, I was still highly entertained by watching (again) his WSE 3 Overview talk from the WSE 3 SDRs. Mark has a lot of fun acting out many messaging scenarios such as timing out a telephone conversation with his mother to demonstrate a new feature for SecureConversation. It may seem silly, but he has great methods of taking concepts that may be confusing and putting them into a context that many people can understand. You can watch this video yourself. There are a bunch of them on the home page of the Web Services Developer Center.

I am giving a similar talk Sunday at Code Camp and then at TechEd South Africa and once more at DevConnections. Mark is a tough act to follow. Being the pm on the WSE team and having a serious background in XML, he knows this stuff inside and out.

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