Too much SUN and Burned Out

My sister was a Sun reseller for many years – a very very good and successful one. But she got burned out and wanted to do something very low-tech after that and started a business where she manufactures dog toys/products. I’ve written about that before – it’s a great success already.

It seems, however, that she is not alone!

The other day, Rich and I were in the sales shop at Mad River Glen. I was buying something special for my trip out the Microsoft campus and when I told the sales person, he loved the idea so much, he gave me the item for free. (More on that in another week or so). Then we were joking about doing the same at the Sun campus. There was another couple in the shop and they looked up – “did you say something about Sun? Sun Microsystems?”  “Yup!”. They had both worked for Sun, one in sales the other as a software engineer. They too got burned out and had the same desire as my sister, to do something very far from the high-tech industry. Now they run a golf course!

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