Cold Rooster/Storage documentation – WHere did it go?

This documentation has gone missing from MSDN. Does anyone know where it is???
(this is a post I wrote in July) I have looked in the Architecture area and on the ColdRooster site to no avail. Until WinFS comes along, I think this is a really handy article.

From October 2001 but still quite relevant, is a document on MSDN which is part of the Cold Rooster application where they worked out their decision to use SQL Server instead of the hard drive for file storage.

“Summary: Summarizes the study that was used to measure the performance difference between a database and a file system. It also explores the data modeling used to design the objects that support the ColdStorage sample Web Service hierarchical storage and infrastructure. (11 printed pages)”

It is a VERY useful “best practices” doc which I often point people to.

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