My big sister

This is my big sister, Jill. It’s funny that at 42, I still refer to her, my older sister by only a few years, as “my big sister”, but she is still the mother hen of us three siblings. My sister worked as a Sun corporate and institutional sales rep for many years and was very successful. She’s a phenomenal sales person and business woman. She finally had it with high pressure and high tech and left (before the bust) and started her own business. SHe manufactures dog “toys” – not just to play with but for working dogs as well. Within one year, she had her product in nearly 200 stores. RIght now she is in nearly 500 stores (that’s 2 years). I helped her out by doing a website for her when she started out which is pretty cute. It’s just Frontpage and some asp, but she had some great ideas about how it should be organized and I played with the design until I was satisfied enough to put my name on it. That’s But really I wrote this because she just sent me some pics for the site and included some beautiful pictures of her and one of hte products, a bag for the dog toys, called the “Oval Office” (for all your important stuff). And I just wanted to show her off and show off her awesome products which she researched and designed on her own. Though we had the usual rough time in our teens that most siblings do, Jill and I are very very close now and I know that I’m so fortunate to have that kind of relationship with her.

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