INK at MIX 07

Tablet PC/Ink related sessions & HOLs I see on the MIX site:

Ink for Designers and Developers
Speaker(s): Sam Geroge – Microsoft
Audience(s): Designer, Developer
Imagine if your users could add handwritten annotations over online photos, greeting cards or video (including live playback of your handwriting). Learn how to use Ink to take your Web sites to new heights of interactivity, personalization, social interaction, and usability. Learn the key design principles for Ink, and see how to code for Ink in the browser and on the server.

Ink in Web Applications
Audience(s): Business Decision Maker, Designer, Developer
Adding ink and annotations makes your Web applications far more interactive and enables users to add their own personal touch. This lab shows just how easy it is to add ink and annotation, which integrate seamlessly with other features of Web development. You will become familiar with a Web page for browsing photos; implement ink support; change the thickness and color of the ink; implement erasing with the back of the pen, and more.

(I think there are more HOLs. I just don’t see them on the site yet)

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