ADO.NET at MIX07: REST? Dynamic? Hmmmm

I found some interesting ADO.NET labs and sessions on the MIX site today!


Accessing Data Services in the Cloud
Speaker(s): Pablo Castro – Microsoft
Audience(s): Designer, Developer
Come learn about new Microsoft technologies that enable you to make your data available over the Web through a simple REST interface and using open formats such as plan XML, JSON or even RDF. We also discuss the underlying entity framework that makes it easy to model, publish, and program against your data over the Web.

Rapidly Building Data Driven Web Pages with Dynamic ADO.NET
Speaker(s): Samuel Druker – Microsoft, Shyam Pather – Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
Come learn about how new technologies from Microsoft bring together the concepts of dynamic languages and ADO.NET and allow you to quickly develop data driven Web pages using ASP.NET dynamic data controls, scalable to even the most complex databases.

*note that Andrew Conrad wants to make sure you notice the word DYNAMIC in that session!

Deep Dive on Data Driven Experiences
Speaker(s): Aaron Dunnington – Microsoft, Tim Scudder – Microsoft
Audience(s): Developer
Come learn how technologies like Silverlight, Language INtegrated Query (LINQ), and SQL Server 2005 can help developers build impactful, dynamic applications that reach the broadest possible audience.


REST Services for Data Access over the Web
Audience(s): Developer
In this lab, build a data service accessible through REST that supports exchanging data in XML and JSON formats, with full query and update capabilities; and build an AJAX-based client and a managed code client.

Rapidly Building Data Driven Web Pages with Dynamic ADO.NET
Audience(s): Developer
In this lab, learn about Project Friday, an incubation effort in the ADO.NET team to enable quick, clean, and iterative development with instant results. Project Friday provides this functionality by leveraging the ADO.NET Entity Framework and the power of dynamic languages.

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