My use of a marble mouse for 4 years has messed up my arm and hand

If you have ever had a meal with me, you probably noticed that my right hand is really shaky. Soup is getting to be a serious problem and chopsticks, too. I have had it checked over the last two years with no recommendations oustide of take a long vacation or try a new mouse. Others have suggested the onset of carpal. The mouse suggestion was actually pretty close.

I saw a neuro-anatomist today and learned how messed up my muscles in my right hand and arm are because of the thumb driven marble track ball mouse (Logitech) I have been using. If I just rest my hand on a table, it’s natural position is now as though the mouse is under my hand. Twisted to the right etc.

Take heed! She said they have seen all kinds of new wierd problems based on the various types of mice that have been invented.

So I’m going to change my mouse plus do a lot of specific exercises to get the balance back in the muscles in my arm and my hand. Additionally I have to be very aware of how I am using my hand and arm. The shakiness is just from weakness of particular muscles.

I went to Staples and looked at the mice and keyboards, too. I think I will wait to see if my MVP award is renewed and if so, use my bucks to buy a new microsoft mouse and maybe the natural keyboard. She did say the keyboard is almost a great idea except it would be much better if it was hinged so that you could adjust the angles to suit your own needs. Hey MS Research…have I got a job for you!

Phew! A small thing considering that I have been programming for almost 20 years.

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