Remote Desktop – My new best friend

I love remote desktop. I have been using it for about 6 months. I have wireless at home, so I actually use remote desktop from my tablet and my laptop while sitting in different areas of the house to work on my main machine which is in the downstairs office.

When I travel, I use remote desktop to connect to that same box through a bunch of firewalls, of course. I do all of my emailing that way rather than having to transfer outlook data back and forth to my portable boxes or set up exchange on my domain server.

I use remote desktop to work on my clients machines also, through VPN. That is really sweeter than sweet.

With a full screen setting, it is completely transparent. And with a good internet connection, there is just no difference from being on that other box.

There are a few things that are wierd. For example, if I try to use FrontPage remotely, there is a message that my computer configuration has changed significantly and I need to reactivate the product.

There are still situations where I need to use PCAnywhere. Such as when I am working with a client on their machine and we both need to see what is going on and both need access to working on the desktop.

But I just love Remote Desktop. It has a huge impact on my productivity especially with all of the travel I have been doing lately. I definitely don’t take it for granted.

(man, that sounded like a testimonial, didn’t it? – wasn’t my intention)

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