A two moose night

And I missed it!

I was at a board meeting for www.vtsda.org, when Rich came home on Wednesday evening and saw a big male moose with BIG antlers sauntering up our road. When Rich got to our driveway he saw another moose… a girl.

The stage was set and luckily nobody got in the male’s way. It is pretty dangerous to get in the way of a male during rutting season; he will knock you down and trample you. Eventually the girl wandered off into our woods and the boy followed her. Luckily they were moving slowly,so most of our neighbors got a chance to see them.

Nobody got a picture.

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One thought on “A two moose night

  1. How did Daisy and Tasha react? Or did they remain blissfully unaware?It is cool for us to live in Fairbanks, where moose are some of the wonderful wildlife we see regularly. But several times a month they venture into our yard, where 31 dogs go ballistic until we can chase it (or them–we often get mom with one or two calves) away. Last night the same moose visited twice, a couple of hours apart. And this is one of the moose that is not intimidated by rancorous dog noises. It was a sleep-deprived night.Can we send our moose to Vermont?

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