Russ’ Toolshed returns to Burlington!

Russ Fustino used to be our little secret when he worked out of the Microsoft New England office. He was well loved by Burlington, VT developers who looked forward to his Russ’ Toolshed events. A full day of free training that was before MSDN events existed!

But there’s more to Russ’ legacy. It was Russ who inspired us to start our user group, VTdotNEt, and it was Russ who pointed his finger at me when he looked around the room to see who might actually take on the challenge.

Then a dark day came and Russ moved to Florida. There was audible moaning and snivelling to be heard all over the Champlain Valley.

Happily, we have been very lucky over the years to have Joe Stagner, Thom Robbins, Susan Wisowaty, Chris Bowen and Bob Familiar come to town.

But next month Russ is coming back!

I wonder if anyone told him that Nectar’s has new owners? Well, let’s keep that part quiet because they still serve gravy fries and have local bands playing every night. Hasn’t changed that much.

On Nov 12th, Russ will be presenting at the VTdotNET User Group Meeting and on Nov 13th he will be doing a full day MSDN Event in Burlington.

You can find out more about the meeting at

You can find out more about the MSDN event as well as register at

And one more thing, Nov 12th is Russ’ birthday. I vote for wrapping up the meeting as soon as we can and heading down to his favorite watering hole on the planet (that would be Nectar’s)  and try to see if we can convince him to return for good.

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