Jeff McWherter on ASP.NET Performance & Optimization at VTdotNET tonight

Jeff McWherter and his very cool wife (what a lucky geek he is!) have come from Lansing, Michigan to Vermont with hopes of ice climbing and so that Jeff can speak at the VTdotNET group. Unfortunately we lost all of our snow in the last week (though it’s finally snowing again) and the good ice for climbing is a little hard to find right now. Our neighbor, a rock climber, made some calls last night and hooked them up with some good insider info on where there’s some good ice. I told Jeff he can’t do that until AFTER he has spoken to the user group. Not that I want him to whack that brainy skull of his in half AFTER the user gruop presentation either!

When I spoke in Michigan this summer, Jeff came to my presentation both nights. It was the same talk , well at least the same title: Intro to Entity Framework, two nights in a row. He witnessed that the two talks were completely different from one night to the next.

We took them to a great local brew pub last night (BobCat Cafe in Bristol, VT). I will see if it’s possible to get a photo of Jeff without a glass of beer in his hand.

Definitely looking forward to tonight’s presentation!!

We also are fortunate to have gobs of swag. The magazines (CoDE and aspNET Pro) have been piling up for two months (they always seem to arrive the day after the meeting). We got lots of books sent at Christmas time and I always seem to have a bunch of Infragistics .NET Advantage licenses to give away now.

Additionanlly, we have a sponsor taking care of the whole meeting’s expenses- room fee and pizza – tekSystems. Thanks!!

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