Teaching Entity Framework at Stockholm Developer’s Summit in April

I am very excited about this!!

I will be presenting 2 sessions and a full-day workshop at the Developer Summit 2008 in Stockholm April 9-11.

The workshop is “Entity Framework 0-60”  and the sessions are Entity Framework in the Enterprise and Silverlight Annotation.

Patrik Lowendahl, one of the organizers, tells me that Stockholm is really lovely in the Spring!

It also means I get to see my buddy Christian Weyer and meet Tess Ferrandez (the ASP.NET goddess at Microsoft Support), Jimmy Nillson and a bunch of people I’ve heard about for a long time and not had the chance to meet.

In case you can’t get to Sweden, I”ll be doing the full-day workshop at DevConnections in Orlando in late April.

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3 thoughts on “Teaching Entity Framework at Stockholm Developer’s Summit in April

  1. Hey Kathleen. Oh, yeah – that would be really tough to squeeze in in between this and DevConnections. 🙁

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