Sessions for Vermont Code Camp III

The 24 Talks of Vermont Code Camp
Saturday Sept. 10th, Burlington Vermont

Once again, we have a fabulous array of talks with many technologies covered. We’ll be building the actual schedule in the next week.

In alphabetical order……….

Chris Bowen    HTML5 – A Practical First Look
Rene Churchill  A Holistic view of Website Performance
Christian Cote   SSIS  Whats new in SQL Server Denali?
Rob Friesel    CSS Wrangling with SASS
John Garland  What’s New in Windows Phone 7.1 Silverlight Development
Vincent Grondin    Mocking and mocking frameworks
David Howell  Tackling Big Data with Hadoop
Everett McKay  Effective Prototyping: A developer’s guide to better design through prototyping
Dane Morgridge   Testable Entity Framework
Dane Morgridge   jQuery & CoffeeScript: Let The Awesomeness Begin
Jim O’Neil   Sampling from the Cloud Computing Smorgasbord
Dennis Perlot    Silverlight Performance
Jonathan Phillips    Functional Programming on the JVM
Al Ramirez    What’s New In ASP.NET MVC3
Maxime Rouiller  ASP.NET MVC 3 for Web Developers
Josh Sled    Dependency Injection
Josh Sled    Emacs: Everday, Everyway
Eric Smith   What is functional programming?
Kevin Thorley  FOSS in the Enterprise
Etienne Tremblay    Let’s talk Virtualization
Matt Van Horn    Getting High on MEF
Bill Wilder  Applying Architecture Patterns for Scalability and Reliability to the Windows Azure Cloud Platform
Joan Wortman & Maura Wilder       Introduction to the Ext JS JavaScript framework "for Rich Apps in Every Browser"
John Zablocki    .NET and NoSQL: Relaxing with CouchDB

Bonus Parlor Chat Session:

Matt Van Horn : Software Consulting

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6 thoughts on “Sessions for Vermont Code Camp III

  1. Hey Julie, is this info going to make it over to the schedule page on Only asking because I’ve been checking that page for a few days before I eventually found this post via a tweet. 😉

  2. @Forest: Absolutely! But probably not until we have the schedule built. We’re working on it. Also follow @vtcodecamp on twitter. That will let you know when it’s online.

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