Teaching a 5-day Workshop (Entity Framework Boot Camp) Oct 3-7 in Boston

I’m excited about embarking on  my first full-week workshop. Until now, I have done a number of one-day workshops but I have always felt that I needed more time. There’s so much to share! Maybe five days will be enough?

The workshop will be in Boston (Waltham, to be exact) the first week of October. It is being coordinated by www.dataeducation.com.

Below is the course outline.

There is currently a $400 early bird discount until the end of August.

Details and registration at http://dataeducation.com/entity-framework-bootcamp/

Day 1: Introducing Code First

  • Why Code First?
  • How does Code First work at runtime?
  • Configuring Code First with Data Annotations and with the Fluent API
  • Configuring for validation, data attributes, relationships, database mappings and hierarchies
    • Understand impact on database
    • Understand impact on your application at runtime
  • Code First database initialization
    • Understand default and optional behavior and workarounds

Day 2: Introducing EF 4.1 DbContext /DbSet

  • How do DbContext and DbSet compare to ObjectContext/Object Set
  • Explore features of DbContext/DbSet that streamline EF coding
  • Integrate DbContext with your apps
  • Validation API
  • Fun with MVC 3 and EF 4.1

Days 3-5: Hard Core EF 4 (and 4.1)

  • Architecting maintainable and testable enterprise apps with EF4/4.1
    • Repositories, unit of work, testing
  • EF in distributed architectures: ASP.NET, WCF Services, WCF Data Services
  • EF in the Cloud: Windows Azure and SQL Azure
  • EF performance tips and tricks
  • Working with large models and multiple contexts
  • Explore EF core API additions and improvements introduced in the June 2011 CTP
    • Enum support, spatial, TPT improvements, designer improvements and more

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2 thoughts on “Teaching a 5-day Workshop (Entity Framework Boot Camp) Oct 3-7 in Boston

  1. Hi, I’m from RSA, and wishing I could attend.

    Please can you make a video of your presentation so I can download it.


  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! I wish I could afford something like this. But even with $400 off this is way out of my reach. For now I will just read the book and be on a look out for smaller workshops in NE.

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