Vermont is getting a VS2008 InstallFest on Dec 6th.

Thanks  (humongous thanks) to Chris Bowen for pulling off getting Vermont on the list for the installfest. It will be an “add-on” to the Roadshow day.

From his blog: (read the details carefully.. priority goes to registered attendees of the roadshow…)

Burlington (Williston), VT
December 6th, 4:15 to 6:00 PM
Vermont Technical College, 201 Lawrence Place, Room 401, Williston, VT
In partnership with the Vermont .NET User Group

Like Rochester, we’re running this InstallFest in the same room as the Roadshow event that day.  Stay with us from 4:15 until 6:00 and enjoy some food, camaraderie, and gaming.

Priority for giveaways will be given to everyone who attends (not just registers for) the Burlington Roadshow event.  Remaining materials are available, while they last, to any walk-ins.


Partnering with area user groups, we’re offering attendees a chance to install the release version Visual Studio 2008, enjoy some food, conversation, and gaming!  Since the packaged product hasn’t been released yet, here’s what will happen:

  • Bring your laptops (or heck, a desktop!) and your festive selves
  • Grab a DVD with the Visual Studio 2008 Pro Trial Edition bits
  • Install and be happy
  • Play some Halo 3 or Guitar Hero, munch on some food, chat with people
  • Go home and enjoy VS2008
  • …wait…
  • When the packaged product ships, you’ll get a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Professional in the mail!  (Which will *not* require a reinstall of the trial version.)

zune-8gb-thumb As an added incentive to get VS2008 installed that evening, we’re giving away T-shirts and raffling off a new 8GB Zune among the people who get VS2008 on their machines!

“Free Sounds Good!  So, Where?  When?  How Do I Sign Up?”

You may notice that the events are generally on our MSDN Roadshow days (except for Waltham, where the Roadshow will be the following day.)  That’s of course no coincidence, we’d like to take advantage of our passing through various areas in the northeast to run these special events. 

Each event has its own timing, registration, and logistics, detailed below.

As you can guess, we have limited quantities of giveaways (and “free” always draws a crowd) so we can’t guarantee everyone will walk away with something.


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One thought on “Vermont is getting a VS2008 InstallFest on Dec 6th.

  1. Excellent!Our InstallFest is coming up next Tuesday.We started out with a 100 person limit, but now have 130 people signed up, so we’re trying to get more chairs.not sure what our fire-code limit is.Anyway, this is a very popular event, so watch out!Since yours is happening before ours, let us know how it goes.

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