Another EF Beta 3 Tidbit

I attended Zlatko Michailov’s talk on Entity SQL today at DevTeach which was definitely interesting to me. In showing Entity SQL queries, Zlatko used a tool that he built as an experiment that evaluates Entity SQL queries (with some intellisense help as you type them!), displays the resulting provider level SQL and then displays the resulting data in grids (plural if there is related data in the result). It will be cool to see that tool evolve into something that we can use…keep your eyes on his blog just in case!

While I learned a ton, one of the very interesting (amazing actually) things that Zlatko shared with us about the upcoming Beta 3 of Entity Framework is that they had done some serious work on performance in the Object Services layer and that it is almost as fast in materializing objects as the Entity Client is at streaming results. He also said that they are closing in on SQLClient performance.

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