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Hello World … A different type of geek podcast

imageShawn Wildermuth started recording a new type of interview podcast where he talks with some well known people in our tech community about how they got started in programming. He’s had software luminaries like Charles Petzold  and Scott Hanselman and many others you will recognize. It’s a lot of fun to hear about their beginnings and other conversation points that evolve while chatting with Shawn.

I talked with Shawn last month for episode #14 of the podcast. Many of you are familiar with the 3-week cold that’s been going around the U.S. Well I had it then so hopefully you can get past my sniffles. Smile

Eight Great Lessons from Working Dads

One of the most memorable things about this year’s Women in I.T. luncheon at TechEd, was Scott Bellware, who attended, telling me afterward that he was surprised to learn how much women talk with each other about work life balance. He thinks that men of course think and worry about this all of the time, but it is not something men generally discuss among themselves. (“How ’bout those Mets, huh?”)

So seeing this article “Eight Great Lessons from Working Dads” on MSN’s about men and work/life balance definitely caught my eye.


In listing the “new MSN bloggers“, Robert lists Dare Obasanjo as Dare Obansajo (program manager on backend)”. I shivered at the prospect of Dare having anything to say about my back end. I bet he would whip me back into shape quickly, but it would mean lots less programming and lots less blogging and probably a little bit of whining!

Actually, the real news is the website that these blogs are on! It looks very wallopy (which makes sense since Wallop is Microsoft’s research project and spaces is probably coming from that research). Though Wallop is on a very different level. But still, msn is for the masses, so spaces will bring blogging and social computing to the masses. Very cool. This looks big!

Read more here on [one of] Dare’s [other] blog[s]

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figured out value of orkut

Brian Dear wrote about an “orkut moment” he had recently, which led me to the realization that in most cases, orkut is a good way to just see what people look like. My account is still active, so I just looked him up (knowing he is a member) and now I know what he looks like. Of course there are obnoxious people like me who post pictures that are only representative of themselves. Here is what I have used for my orkut picture.

I had planned on changing that to a photo of my kayak in the spring.