Oh, *that* Niels Berglund!

I’m not a DBA. I’ve probably said that about 5000 times. So I am often pretty much out of the loop in the world of SQL Server. So, I really embarrassed myself today asking Niels Berglund if he was a SQL Server guy. I now realize that it would be like asking Kimberly Tripp if she was a SQL Server gal.

And because I am also on a mission to make sure that DBAs are at least aware that the EDM and Entity Framework supports stored procedures, I continued to dig my hole deeper by asking him if he knew that. Turns out he did a full day workshop on LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework at DevWeek in the U.K. I didn’t know about this when I wrote a blog post about DevWeek.

So I will now be subscribing to Niels’ blog along with Bob B’s, since I’m always trying to better understand the DBA perspective on Entity Framework.

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