REST – The Elevator Pitch

I attended Christian Weyer’s Astoria sesson this morning at the DevSummit , one of the few not in Swedish that I could understand! In fact, I was surprised to walk into Tess Ferrandez’s session and hear her speaking fluent Swedish. it turns out she lived in Sweden for a time.

Christian shared a brilliant quote in his session which was how to explain REST in one sentence. He got it from David Meggison’s “REST – The Quick Pitch” blog post.

With REST, every piece of information has its own URL.

I have had to try to explain REST in my own Astoria talks and I am going to adopt this brilliant quote. Thank Christian!

We’ll see if Christian survives his stay in Stockholm as he had quite a lot of fun (and it was hilarious I have to say) talking about the World Cup Soccer 2006. Hey, they only beat Sweden by 2 goals!  My only memory of the World Cup was all of the TechEd attendees swarmed swarmed around the many screens at the conference displaying the matches.

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