Upcoming EF Course on Pluralsight

9/14: I’ve been told “a few more business days”. Believe me I’m as eager as anyone can be for this to get released! 🙂

9/23: It’s here!!! 


At the beginning of the year, I started dong a completely new version of my EF in the Enterprise course. That one is years old and was done with EF4 before DbContext and Code First even existed. Also before I started learning about Domain Driven-Design.

I had a lot of side-tracks in my schedule along the way including 3 months of conference travel and  a lot of hard thinking about how to explain and demonstrate some of these concepts. But I’ve finally finished the last module yesterday. I have some work to do in response to tech reviews of some of the module and I have to do the dreaded task of coming up with the questions for a few of the modules. But then it will be ready for Pluralsight to push through and get published. I don’t think it will be long now.

While I used EF6 for this course, most of the ideas also apply to EFCore as well.

In the meantime, I can tell you the titles of the 8 modules of this course which seems to have come out a little under 5 hours total:

  1. Architecting a Data Layer
  2. Understanding EF Encapsulation and the Great Repository Debates
  3. Implementing Encapsulation Patterns with EF6
  4. Managing Complex Domains and Data Models: Lessons from DDD Bounded Context
  5. Refactoring to Domain-Driven Design Bounded Contexts:A Walkthrough
  6. Handling the State of Disconnected Graphs
  7. Mapping DDD Domain Models with Entity Framework
  8. Testing Your Apps When Entity Framework is Involved

Watch this space for the new course: bit.ly/PS-Julie

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9 thoughts on “Upcoming EF Course on Pluralsight

  1. Hey Julie, that’s great news! I just started learning ddd and now trying to rewrite one of my applications to follow that pattern. I still struggle with few things and course like this will be really useful.

    PS. Your course ‘Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals’ with Steve Smith helped me a lot, thank you for that.

  2. Hi Julie, looking forward to the new course, especially the “Great Repository Debates” section, which I expect will be fun :). I’m also an aspiring DDD’er and am eagerly anticipating seeing your insights and opinions. I’ve recently been noodling with EF core, and have noticed some syntax changes in the model builder, and some features have moved to new namespaces (as would be expected). Can you suggest a good place to look for specifics on these the new model builder syntax? Thanks for all the awesome.

    1. Here’s the first line of defense. ef.readthedocs.org
      I’m just starting on a Getting Started with EF Core course right now

      1. Hasn’t changed as much as I first thought. Was confused by a similar-looking reference (the dangers of homonyms). TY for the response and reference.

  3. Julie, please let the guys finalizing this new course at Pluralsight know they are not in software developer mode now, so a few more business days doesn’t mean a few more business weeks. 😉

    Looking forward to your new course, the previous enterprise one was excellent.

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