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Eek! 2 More Days of Pluralsight sale..ends tomorrow Dec 6

I struggle with sounding like a shill for Pluralsight but I also don’t want people to miss out on a chance to get a subscription (to the video training platform that I have committed my content to since 2009 because it is SO good) for a great discount: 40% off.

So here I am again, letting you know that they extended the sale through tomorrow (Friday Dec. 6).

You can get a new subscription or extend an existing one.

Pluralsight Subscriptions On Sale This Week!

Pluralsight is having a summer sale on annual subscriptions – $100 off (i.e. $199 for an entire year’s access to the entire library) which is a pretty amazing price for what you’re getting. Heck the regular price of $299 for a full year is amazing when you compare it to the cost of almost any type of training from the expert-authors). Anyway, I don’t have to tell you, you already know!

The $199 price is for new subscriptions, renewing  existing subscriptions and even converting from a monthly subscription!