Entity Framework Core: Getting Started on Pluralsight

I’m happy to share a new course on Pluralsight with you – Entity Framework Core: Getting Started.

Here’s how I described it in the trailer:

Most software – whether for business or entertainment – is driven by data that users need to interact with. In Entity Framework Core: Getting Started, you will learn how to use Microsoft’s modern data access platform, Entity Framework Core. You will learn how to build data models, use EF Core to bridge your software with  your data store and how to incorporate all of this into desktop, mobile and web applications. When you’re finished with this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of Entity Framework Core that will help you as you move forward to build software in .NET, whether you are targeting Windows, OS X or Linux. Software required: Visual Studio 2015 or Visual Studio 2017.

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Here is the list of modules in the course. You can see the titles of various clips in each module on Pluralsight.

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3 thoughts on “Entity Framework Core: Getting Started on Pluralsight

  1. Hi Julie, do you know where I can read the best practices for EF7 Core to apply migrations from code to a database when a new version of my site starts running. In the EF6 version, I have this on Application_Start() in Global:

    var configuration = new Configuration();
    var migrator = new DbMigrator(configuration);

    When I upload a new version of my site, I don’t active it instantly. But when it gets deployed I need that the database has all the migrations applied.
    How can I do this with EF7 Core and ASP.NET Core MVC?
    Thanks and best regards.

    1. I would love a book to write itself but I don’t see myself doing it in the near future. Especially with how quickly everything changes. I find the videos and articles and occasional blog posts more effective.

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